Mountaineering Category Launch

We partnered with adidas Outdoor to authenticate TERREX in the mountaineering space with Laura Dahlmeier, a decorated biathlete, as the lead athlete. We developed a strategy and created a campaign focused on both the technical product and brand storytelling through a single narrative.

We led with brand storytelling driven by a narrative featuring Laura Dahlmeier to engage and inspire mountaineering fans and beyond. Throughout this storyline, we positioned technical product as both the conduit for her mission and as organic validation through all stages of the mountaineering process.


Brand Strategy
Campaign Concept
Creative Direction
Project Management
Post Production
Art Direction & Design

United By Summits Documentary
The narrative theme for our documentary, United By Summits, teased and paved the way for the multi-seasonal global TERREX campaign. The concept focuses on the common connection shared by individuals when driven to explore their own personal goals by whatever brings them fulfillments, no matter the results.

The Story
Laura Dahlmeier explores the possibilities of her pursuits beyond those of the competitive nature. Teaming up with two of mountaineering’s most dynamic climbers, the Huberbaum brothers, they set their sights on the rarely climbed and ever complex Bonington Pillar en route to the summit of Mont Blanc.

Their driven approach to Mont Blanc knighthood was rooted in their ever-present mission to find reward in their shared experience regardless of the outcome. Throughout the story, we explore the sharp contrast between how it felt for her to focus on the goal of success versus the goal of experience.

Production Synchronicity
Productions of this scale and intensity are a rare breed that truly belong in the hands of experts. Being flexible, adaptable, and reactionary are essential qualities when working in conditions with this level of consequence. We worked hand in hand with our filmers to ensure our creative direction and shot lists were aligned prior to the climb because once the expedition started, there was no turning back. Our on-the-ground content team was made up of the best of the best in the world of capturing climbing footage.

Our production was engineered to serve all aspects of the campaign by capturing assets for both the narrative creation and product campaign in the same shoot. This provided our brand campaign with instant validation when seeing the product used in live action following the release of the documentary.

360 Rollout
We developed a considered 360 channel strategy to tease, launch, and sustain the product campaign in alignment with the documentary. We tiered our messaging and content across digital, social, retail, and print. The documentary premiered at the Munich TERREX store with a Q&A session from the cast, and was featured at 30 film festivals across Europe, providing further organic authentication.

Technical Product Campaign
Our product campaign, featuring seasonal state-of-the-art climbing outerwear and layering apparel, was delivered with a sharp focus on consumer benefits and technical communication. With inspiring campaign footage directly linked to the climbing documentary, we kept our messaging centered around the values of the products themselves.

Documentary Support
Content Capture: Timeline Productions
Custom Score: Piers Baron

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