Some outdoor brands have expanded their take on technology storytelling into the world of  humor, parody and gimmick, and it’s their decades of established and respected presence building technical product in this industry that allows space for it. That respected reputation doesn’t happen overnight, and our foundation of that begins now with emotionally-driven, benefit-informative tech storytelling.

Benefit-intuitive is key, and we approach Tech Comms like we do all things per the creative direction we set for the Outdoor BU; Real, Raw and Fast. The tech communications itself will be utilitarian in nature, providing timeless and seasonally agnostic visuals meant to instantly and intuitively reflect benefits and advantages of the technologies that house them.

The modularity of the information architecture allows for the tech comms to be paired with product or category to then infuse the story with the bold, rebellious and optimistic tone of the campaign / product itself. This leaves all components, product, tech and athletes projecting only what’s authentic and honest to themselves and together combining for a full brand experience.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Art Direction & Design
Motion Graphics
Post Production


These are the main elements within Outdoor Tech Comms creative direction. Creative tools should ideally contain most of these elements for a holistic message. However, with benefit-intuitive content as the ultimate goal, this modular approach was created as flexible with adaptability to best convey the concept.


Addressing the need to be able to customize tech for a variety of garments, Terrex Tech Comms is directly defined but open ended enough to account for a moving tech landscape. It has been created to be modular for versatility and custom storytelling

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