With the mountain bike market saturated with full face helmets Smith needed to make a mark when releasing their long-awaited offering, Mainline. 

Smith challenged Subjekt with the key objective to seamlessly build product tech into an irreverent campaign. We began with unpacking the tech features and created a concept that would bring each of these features to life through team and cast, in a lighthearted and engaging way. 

Developing our narrative, we purposefully paired each tech highlight with an irreverent moment featuring our team and cast, to successfully weave the tech and story together. The infusion of action instantly provided validation and credibility for this new product.


Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Content Creation

Make tech approachable.

Technology and innovation is bland and boring so we broke out the key tech points of the helmet, paired them with some campaign irreverence and created snackable social assets that could entertain and inform. This was an engaging way to get key product benefits out there to a more youthful mountain bike audience.


A 360 campaign roll out was driven through a social launch during a key industry event. This strategic launch united, social, owned digital, event and digital experience into one ecosystem. Each touchpoint was strategically used to attach, engage and educate the consumer about this premium helmet offering.  

The Mainline launch garnered attention throughout the industry, drove retail and DTC sales and instantly positioned the Mainline helmet as a key player in the market. 

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