Subjekt was approached to create an experience inviting consumers to celebrate Five Ten Day (May 10th annually), with a nod to the brand’s history and irreverent personality, yet through an updated and contemporary approach.


Brand Strategy
Concept Development
Creative Direction
Art Direction & Design
Activation Strategy & Guidelines

Look Back To Inspire Forward

We explored the irreverent history of Five Ten’s advertising and developed a direction that paid homage to some of the great moments from the brand’s eclectic past, with a completely new look, tone and feel.

Box for your Music

Taking cues from the vintage ad where the shoebox has the classic 80’s star role of housing cassette tapes, we laid our foundation for design direction and the theme of music as a consistency throughout.

Layers of Experiences

Developing the box from scratch, we wanted to pay special attention to the process of the unveil, enhancing the drama and extending each moment of the experience. We purposely designed into each process of the unboxing; a minimally premium exterior sleeve with pop branding band to draw curiosity, an exterior with our 2022 take on the classic pattern from the ad for a moment of interpreted flashback for those who know, followed with a moment of bold branding, before finally landing on the interior of product and surprise goodies.

Featured Artists

To give the entire direction an unexpected and truly unique personality, we called up the homies Sheryo and Yok, street artist power couple. We fed them a collection of archival ads to adapt into artwork for brand stickers, as well as digital versions for IG stickers to be posted alongside the unveiling.

Five Ten Day

The team of athletes, influencers and media got creative with their unboxing moments, sharing their excitement for the seeding kit and the contents within. We created over 250K impressions across 31 posts and 80 stories of seeding kit unboxing moments and first-hand experiences putting the products to good use.

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