Smith briefed us to conceptualize and produce a digitally driven campaign that inspired, informed and made noise in the global cycling market. The as was to elevate not only the brand, but two new premium models to the upper echelon of helmet product offerings.


Creative Direction
Marketing & Social Strategy
Art Direction & Design
Post Production


Simple. Bold. Talking Directly to both the product characteristics and the level of athleticism and drive of the people who use them. Elevating location, talent and production was vital to successfully sharing this 0new premium product. Social disruption was our key strategic component. Working alongside Smith, we secured a cyclist that not only was authentic, but had a social influence that could further extend the global reach of this campaign and its message.


We started with the consumer, a tech forward, performance driven thrill seeker. We built a profile around this person, researching their core values when considering new performance equipment. All roads led to doing anything they could to get faster, even milliseconds faster. This consumer wanted technical detail at every step of the process, but also engaged with moments of inspiration to get them on their bike. This drove our campaign, and coined its namesake.

To successfully target our consumers, we crafted a journey that was both human and authentic with infused tech and detail throughout. Moving between hero athletes, audience generated conversation and detail information, we successfully created points of inspiration, social community conversation and product highlight moments.

To elevate the brand to the next level we worked with Ignazio Moser, a Smith team athlete and international influencer. His position in cycling and social media made him a perfect choice to extend our reach and stay authentic to the brand voice. Our key success to the creation of this campaign was to strategically position the most impactful results through natural or organic conversation not paid placement.


The production of this campaign was driven to elevate on every level. Working globally in one of cycling’s most culturally authentic locations, we set out to capture imagery that was new and next level to the cycling audience. Shooting over 4 days, we captured premium imagery from the cliffside tunnels of Garda Lake to the mountain passes of the Dolomites. Visually we wanted to take the audience along with the cyclist, and to achieve this we captured most of our imagery from a camera car and drone. Working with bleeding edge cinema technology we captured 6k detail, speed and passion for max inspriration.


To authentic and validate the new products, we first introduced the campaign organically through our hero athletes 12 hours before the Smith brand launch. They posted exclusive and personalized assets to give them a unique perspective, with Smith following up with heavy premium content to launch through all brand channels.


Educate the consumer with the information they need to make a considered decision. From the beginning, we knew that this consumer was a tech forward research focused consumer. To give this audience the info they craved we crafted tech spots that broke down the benefits and technical detail in the helmets. This insight into the product further influences this consumer to make a more considered purchase decision.

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