With their new product dialed, FORM Swim approached Subjekt to create inspiring and motivating campaign content for their brand launch, with the goals of helping Form become a household name in fitness tech and as the most loved brand in swimming.

To set this campaign apart from all advertising in their market, we leaned into unexpected movements, creative angles, and experimental capture practices, together with our storyline and edit, to stand out as truly unique and inspiring.


Film Creative


We humanized our campaign content through an experiential and relatable feel. We focused on mixing performance with human experience and emotion, rather than competition and structure, with the goal of motivating every swimmer to unlock their potential.

We strategized our creative to bring consistency across the campaign’s deliverables with the adaptability to include V/O for certain channels, without the need to rely on it.


We approached the production through an action sports lens. This meant progressive lensing, dynamic camera movement, and getting a new look in the water. To then create the most dynamic visual experience we built POV rigs so the viewer could experience Form product first hand. Matching this experience, we used classic underwater technologies with new lenses, getting the camera closer to the action. This approach executed perfectly, with its dynamic, personal and experiential feeling together elevating the final product beyond expectations.  

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