With the adidas brand-wide goal defined to continue being the “leaders of style and culture in both sport and on the streets”, Subjekt was given the green light, for their third season, to develop a strategy and execute what that looked like for the full snow season across the entire category, involving all product and team in a cohesive way.


Creative Direction
Art Direction and Design
Digital Design
Post Production


After building one of the best teams in snowboarding over the recent seasons, adidas now leveled up their product range to accommodate. Complete with an updated offering of outerwear, a new mid-layer and soft goods range, and an expanded boot line, our first role was to create a seasonal marketing calendar and provide a tiered rollout strategy across all marketing channels.


Our full 360 perspective focused on including the perfect balance of rider-supported brand product storytelling and unfiltered team driven riding content. Both sides of this yin and yang seamlessly supported the other, with one cohesive treatment unifying everything as unmistakably adidas Snowboarding.

With structure in place, we moved on forming our creative direction that would continue to position adidas as the leaders of style and culture from both a team and product perspective. Contemporary, style-driven, minimal design aesthetic and accent color usage, we created our foundation to compliment our bold, personality driven photo direction.

With such a large task, efficiency in production was key to success. Aligning product to team riders at the season kickoff to naturally gather riding assets as they went about their different priorities for the season helped us assure natural capture of team in the product through both our channels, theirs, and media partners.

Producing a single shoot window to create our needs of product focused assets and supporting action supplied the backbone of our brand campaign. We brought both a full media team including Cole Barash, Brandon Kuzma, and Colton Feldman, with a large group of the team and the entire product line to Olso, Norway.

A globally recognized location for both its architectural aesthetic and it’s riding terrain, we set the stage for our vision to unfold. The team was captured over the course of their filming trip with a fully authentic perspective, and the production team were sharp in making sure all product and brand needs were fulfilled along the way.

adidas was pushing the direction that “the PDP is the new home page”. Taking their findings that savvy customers were searching google more for specific products and collections, and linking straight to the products directly, we created enhanced landing pages for each product to give them their own focused home on the web. We elevated these using an assortment of assets typically reserved for feeds and print.

A complete social rollout for the entire snow season which highlighted each product individually and gave a unique look at the assets across IG feed, story, FB, and twitter. The social rollout calendar was choreographed with product drops that connected to specific riders. Each rider had unique assets to post on their own channels ensuring people never got the same experience more than once, giving more of a lifestyle/brand feel to a very product focused rollout.

Our team video “Hopes of the Highest” showed the team doing what makes them the best; a mix of next-level backcountry, jumping and street riding from their season of filming missions. Our creative crossed all channels including retail, digital, social, dotcom and print.

“Hopes of the Highest makes a pretty convincing argument for adidas now having one of the most creative and heavy-hitting teams in snowboarding”

– Whitelines Snowboarding

“Hopes Of The Highest: All Of Our Hopes Answered By Adidas Snowboarding”

– Snowboarder Magazine

“The three stripes team do it again. adidas Snowboarding has certainly been on the up as of late, housing one of the most dialled and well-rounded teams on the scene right now. From the streets to the backcountry, you can expect nothing less than unbelievable riding in adidas’s latest short film “Hopes Of The Highest”.

– Snowboard Magazine

“The latest edit from Adidas Snowboarding is ten minutes of pure riding gold”

– Boardworld

what else is there to say?
Hell of a season. Hell of a ride. Hell of a team.

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