We worked with TERREX on a spring refresh for the brand’s pop-up shop in downtown Portland. Our concept was a hyper-local take on adidas’ global United by Summits campaign, meant to champion accessibility, inspire and empower consumers to get together, get outside, and experience the local beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 


Creative Direction
Key Messaging & Copywriting
Art Direction & Design
Production / Post-Production


We cast our trail experts at the TERREX store. Using the retail team as talent was an easy choice—not only were they an excellent representation of the local community, but also a cohesive group of friends that regularly enjoyed outdoor activities together, fitting the “brand enthusiast” profile perfectly. 

We spent two days shooting across five locations to fully capture the variety of daily adventures within 90 minutes of Portland. We trekked for miles along ragged coastal cliffs, wooded trails, and rocky, windy, and mossy trails along the Gorge. Having scouted everything the week prior, the production crew got their steps in and had key zones mapped out in advance to keep us on schedule.

1 / 100

A lucky 100 customers also received a limited-edition Adventure Trail guide and lookbook, featuring beautiful photography, additional details on trails, and reviews of each by the store employees.


The authenticity of our campaign was baked in from the start: visitors to the store were met with inspiring, aspirational imagery of people running trails and hiking in beautiful settings, only to realize that the staff now greeting them were the individuals featured on the walls. Thoughtfully paired and merchandised throughout the store, it was easy to see the product on the racks being put to the test in real-life situations that would feel familiar to anyone from the area. 

Upon further inspection, QR codes accompanying the images confirmed that all of the featured trails were local and provided interested spectators with all of the information they needed to explore the areas for themselves. 


TERREX hosted an activation in the adjacent event space featuring live music, food, and drinks to celebrate the refreshed retail space, unveiling the imagery and look book for the first time. The event was a success, with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds all night.

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