We worked with Terrex on their spring refresh for their new downtown PDX flagship. We took cues from the global united by summits campaign and gave it a hyper-localized perspective. We developed a concept to inspire and empower consumers to get outside together and experience the beauty of their own backyard. 


Creative Direction
Key Messaging & Copywriting
Art Direction & Design
Production / Post-Production

Walk the Walk

We showed trail running and hiking just as they are. The TERREX retail team were not only a natural fit for local community, regularly enjoying outdoor activities together, but represent our target brand enthusiasts to a tee.  

We spent two days shooting to really capture the incredible opportunities and variety of daily adventures near Portland. 5 locations in total, we spent one day covering four miles along ragged coastal cliffs and wooded trails, and the second day climbing rocky traverses to the top of the gorge and back. Having scouted everything earlier (yes the production crew got their steps in that week), we had zones for key shots for already in mind to keep us on schedule.

1 / 100

A lucky 100 customers also received a limited-edition Adventure Trail guide lookbook, with further information on the trails and reviews of each by the store employees.

Talk the Talk

The authenticity comes full circle as consumers are greeted by the staff, to now realize they are one in the same with the individuals on the walls, bringing authenticity and validity to both the product and the sales team, complete with real-life product experience.

An activation was thrown to celebrate the spring refresh, unveiling the imagery and lookbook for the first time. The event was a success, with shoulder to shoulder crowds all night, complete with live music, art and drinks.


Upon entering the store, individuals are greeted with inspiring and engaging imagery of people trail running and hiking in beautiful settings, all in the new season’s product. Thoughtfully paired and merchandised through the store, you’re seeing the product in front of you put to the test. 

Upon further discovery, it’s revealed that these locations are all within a day trip’s distance from where you stand now, complete with QR codes accompanying the images that take an interested spectator to the actual trail info. 

Next Project

Elevating the launch of TERREX wintersports to a global stage