adidas Skateboarding x Unity Press

In support of their full apparel and footwear line collaboration with adidas Skateboarding, we were tasked to provide enhance the message and story of Unity and their collection, through providing their authenticity and style a platform. We worked together with Jeff and Gabe from Unity at every step of the way to ensure their vision was at the forefront of all things creative and production.


Creative Direction
Marketing & Content Strategy
Art Direction & Design
Post Production

Who is Unity

They’re known for their unique skateboard graphics, which often feature bold and colorful designs that draw inspiration from street art and graffiti along with a range of apparel and accessories, including t-shirts, hats, and stickers.

Unity Press is a queer skate collective, based in Oakland, California. The company/group was founded in 2016 by Jeff Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez who wanted to create a space that celebrated the LGBTQ community, was true to their love of skateboarding, and reflected their values of inclusivity.

The Campaign

Staying true to what Unity is all about, we developed the creative to support their product collection around their community and their skate meet ups they lead. Our concept allowed for us to consider all channels, including using a live event as both a tease moment and a content capture production for the campaign itself.

Utilizing the narrative of “Don’t be afraid of Who you are!” and the graphics from the product, we created an art direction for the campaign, featuring the individuals of the Unity having fun, skateboarding and celebrating their community.

Capture and Event

The campaign concept had two parts: a focused product shoot, and a docu-style capture of a live event.

We brought in skate photographer Sam Mcguire and videographer Leo Bañuelos to shoot the campaign in Oakland, utilizing their studio and store space to capture the essence of the brand.

We gathered 12 of the closest members of the unity family for a product focused shoot for the campaign, utilizing their studio and store space to capture the essence of the brand. We then took this smaller group and went out to a few local Oakland skate spots to capture raw skate moments in the streets.

For day two, we invited 30 of Unity’s community members from around the States and brought them to Oakland to host one of Unity’s Queer Skate meet-ups. Held at a classic Oakland skate spot, we produced custom created features, built and painted by some of the Unity family to elevate integration of the product graphic story. We handed out the product range to everyone and let them style it in their own vibes for seamless promotion.

360 Rollout

We captured a community aspect and the product focused personality and skate aspects, through our two production silos, and then we merged them all through the campaign creative to tell the full unity story, under the campaign and product messaging of “don’t be afraid of who you are!” Leading with the event as the consumer-facing tease, both physically and digitally, we kicked off our campaign with this multi-approach leak. At launch we delivered our hero video, and collateral across print, digital, retail and social.

Unique assets were created for Unity channels and individuals own channels as well, extending the reach of content and giving it a personal look for the viewers wherever they came across it.

Next Project

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