500 Global is venture capital firm with $2.5 billion in assets, that invests in founders buliding fast-growing tech companies, and is a leading force on the edge of what’s next in the global economy.

Their newest initiative, “Rise Economies: what the next 10 years of technology will do to the world” is their main agenda and focus for their year.

Complete with a full-length info-film, and social rollout, this campaign culminated with an exclusive invite only event in Washington D.C. Attended by company founders, investors, select government officials and brilliant minds alike, they’ll receive education and an introduction to the leaders of what’s next in tech innovation.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Art Direction & Design
Motion Graphics
Post Production


Subjekt gave their existing brand identity a refresh, with a focus on sharpening and simplifying. A modular approach to the art direction and information architecture allows the visual ID to be paired with a multitude of comms tools, and then infused with highly technical information or disruptive messaging. The goal is to be able to convey a variety of type of dense information in a simple and exciting way that all are undeniable and instantly from the 500 brand.


The second part of our ask was to “turn research data into entertainment.” We had to fully immerse ourselves in the robust amount of ways that 500 communicates their layered information to their audience. We then developed a process to create narratives from the data, and then apply a visual language to these narratives to maximize engagement and most effectively communicate the data for intuitive understanding.


With a system in place we now for this project specifically, took 100+ data slides/ graphs across defined 45 data channels, and developed 13 narrative stories to simplifying the translation of the purpose of the information. We broke the mold on traditional data visualization, creating a modular system based on 11 dynamic motion graphics devices that we could use as needed, in alignment with our updated brand identity.


Our approach broke down the data into categories, we blew up traditional graphs for more visually dynamic elements that conveyed the data stories and connected the brand’s core visual language to make it all unified.

The emerging toolkit and strategy would guide research-driven storytelling across all platforms. Leading to more engagement of content and further authenticating the 500 Global perspectives.


In our effort to simplify dense research data and make it engaging, we employed a variety of motion graphics to craft a dynamic visual story. By combining animations, clear color schemes, and straightforward data visuals, we turned complex concepts into easily digestable and appealing visuals devices that can be mixed and matched as needed, depending on the information. The result was a blend of art and education, where motion graphics acted as a bridge, effectively translating intricate research into an inviting visual experience.


Decades of research and projections were synthesized into an utra informative 22 minute multimedia experience. Complex information boiled down to only the most inspiring projections meant to excite investors by unveiling the hard data as informational breadcrumbs marching toward the future.


Research and data can be mundane. Today’s social world needs more story, more visual engagement, and more dynamics to connect with the emerging young investor.


Guided by thoughtful considerations set out from the beginning, the event came together in the most ideal way. Sharp premium design elevated the space, connecting the brand identity to real-world investor interaction. Presentations and videos were integrated with data devices that made research more digestible and visually entertaining. A strategic success, driving interest and conversion to socialize the perspective that was shared at the conference. This holistic success was due partly to strategic considerations on the front end that aligned the pieces to execute in the most elevated possible way.

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