K2 Introduces BOA Alpine
K2 has been revolutionizing product for 60 years, so when BOA created the H+1 system, K2 was selected to be part of the boot design evolution. To own the conversation at launch, we leveraged K2’s bold and innovative American attitude, aiming for undeniable impact.


Creative Direction
Content Creation

Legacy Meets Innovation

We wanted to break the mold and give life to our concept in a new way, so we ditched the traditional approach and opted for an unconventional messaging format, blending contrasting visuals and situations with a high-energy edit. But that’s not all. We made sure that, while building excitement, we also connected to the brand in authentic ways.

Our “Meets” concept was all about pairing abstract messages and taking the consumer on a linear journey through our narrative. We told the story of K2 Skis, its rich heritage, groundbreaking innovation, and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and leading the industry. With this approach, we showcased K2’s impressive journey in an inspiring, energizing way.

Intuitive Visuals

Technology was at the heart of our campaign, with a focus on BOA’s impact on boot wrapping and its ability to enhance on-hill performance. To bring this to life, we used digital x-rays to showcase how the liner perfectly wraps the foot, highlighting the key benefits of the product in a bold and dynamic way. Our goal was to illustrate the power of BOA technology and its impact on the skiing experience, leaving consumers feeling confident with precision and control.

Unconventional Treatments

Mixing technology with a cut-and-paste animation style was just what we needed to connect art and commerce. This organic feel transitioned the messaging in a way that connected to the brand and pushed the attitude of the whole spot.

First to Market

K2 succeeded in owning this innovation from the drop. Our “Meets” campaign controlled the ski market’s social conversation for weeks. Retailers, trade insiders, athletes, and influencers all championed and authenticated the new product through their channels.

Within just a short window, the product hit 100% sell through with people wanting more BOA in the near future.

A Bold Production

To launch an innovative product, we aimed for an innovative capture. Our nontraditional on-snow approach included shooting at night with moving lights on the ground and in the air, accompanied by the use of motion-control robot arms, FPV drones, and leading-edge camera technology. We efficiently moved between a studio shoot in Oregon and an on-snow shoot in Utah, optimizing resources and being nimble where necessary.

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